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Pictured: Anton L, from Elska 25 (Manila, Philippines)

Pictured: Anton L, from Elska 25 (Manila, Philippines)

Our latest issue: Elska Manila

Check out the newest addition to our collection: Elska 25 (Manila, Philippines)

Available now in our classic collectible print version or in a downloadable e-version.

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What is Elska?

Elska is a bi-monthly male photography and culture publication. Each edition is shot in a different city, featuring photospreads of around fifteen local guys who we happen to meet there, plus stories from each.

It's not about celebrities or models, and no one is giving you fashion advice or telling you how to live your life. It's just about exploration and honesty; resulting in an intimate, diverse, and revealing experience that invites you to travel to each city along with us and get to know these men.

Pictured: Rhadem M, from Elska 25 (Manila, Philippines)

Pictured: Daniel R, from Elska 24 (Guadalajara, Mexico)

Pictured: Daniel R, from Elska 24 (Guadalajara, Mexico)

Where can I buy Elska?

Elska is available in a classic print 'bookazine' or in a downloadable e-version. Both can be ordered online here, or you can also find them sold in select shops in over thirty cities around the world.

Click for our list of stockists.

Or you can subscribe to a year of Elska and have a lovely package delivered to your door every couple months.

Elska Ekstra

Also available is Elska Ekstra, our companion zine with behind the scenes tales, outtakes, extra stories, and extra boys.

Pick up Elska Ekstra 25 (Manila, Philippines) here or get it included as part of a Deluxe Annual Subscription.

Pictured: Grey C, from Elska 18 (Los Angeles, CA-USA)

Pictured: Grey C, from Elska 18 (Los Angeles, CA-USA)

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Who are the Elska boys?

When we make Elska, we don't scout for any particular type of man. We basically put out announcements on social media and throw messages around various apps and sites looking for volunteers. Then we shoot who we get, first come first served. The only criteria is that they live in the city and that they're willing to write a story and be photographed.

Pictured: Jamin P, from Elska 21 (Seoul, Korea)


What are the stories about?

Each subject is asked to write a text, some tale from his life to help us get to know him and a perhaps bit about what it's like to live in his city. The topics vary widely: a night out; a first date; coming out; a day in the life; whatever!

Some are fantastic reads and others are, frankly, less so, but that's part of the charm! Not every guy we meet is a literary genius any more that he is some perfect looking model/porn star. What you are getting is each guy's true voice and perspective, and that's part of what makes Elska the most sincere and authentic publication out there.

Pictured: Alejandro S, from Elska 24 (Guadalajara, Mexico)

Pictured: Raj B, from Elska 23 (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Pictured: Raj B, from Elska 23 (Dhaka, Bangladesh)


Who does the photography?

Elska was founded in London by Liam Campbell. He travels personally to all the locations and shoots over 95% of all the images published in Elska.

We occasionally also publish submissions from guest photographers in our recurring 'Elska Dehors' features.

Pictured: Kai B, from Elska 16 (Cape Town, South Africa)

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What are the Elska cities so far?

We've just released our twenty-third edition, Elska Dhaka. Here's our list of available Elska titles so far…

EUROPE: Berlin (Germany), Brussels (Belgium), Cardiff (Wales), Helsinki (Finland), Istanbul (Turkey), Lisbon (Portugal), London (England), Lviv (Ukraine), Lyon (France), Reykjavík (Iceland), Stockholm (Sweden)

ASIA: Dhaka (Bangladesh), Manila (Philippines), Mumbai (India), Seoul (Korea), Taipei (Taiwan), Yokohama (Japan)

AFRICA + MIDDLE EAST: Cape Town (South Africa), Haifa (Israel)

AMERICAS: Bogotá (Colombia), Guadalajara (Mexico), Los Angeles (CA-USA), Providence (RI-USA), Toronto (ON-Canada)

AUS/PAC: Perth (Australia)

Pictured: Paolo D, from Elska 25 (Manila, Philippines)

Mike M, from Elska 25 (Manila, Phiippines)

Mike M, from Elska 25 (Manila, Phiippines)

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Would you like to be in Elska?

If you'd like to be in a future issue of Elska, please click here and fill out our application. You can also let us know why we should come to your city. Go for it, we really do listen.

Pictured: Jono B, from Elska 03 (Reykjavík, Iceland)

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Please support us

In a world where films are routinely torrented, music is just streamed, and art is copied + pasted around, artists are routinely unvalued. I work very hard to make Elska and I do my best to deliver something that readers can enjoy and be proud of.

If you can afford to buy some editions or even subscribe, please do. It helps a lot, especially considering that we're not a subsidiary of the Wal-Mart Corporation and all these airline tickets and what not don't come cheap. You can also pledge an amount of your choice via our Patreon page.



Pictured: Larry D, from Elska 18 (Los Angeles, CA-USA)