What is Elska Magazine?

Elska is a bi-monthly photography and culture publication dedicated to sharing the bodies and voices of gay communities all over the world. Each issue is made in a different city where readers get to know to several local gay guys through honest photography and personal storytelling. One article described Elska as "part intellectual queer pin-up mag and part sexy anthropology journal", and another as "probably the nicest, most sincere magazine ever". We quite like that!

The issue I want says "sold out". Will you be reprinting more?

In the early days, we used to print Elska in rather small quantities and reprint a particular issue if it sold especially well. However, we now have increased our print runs significantly and once they sell out, they are gone for good. So if an issue says “sold out", it really is gone, though you may contact one of our stockists in case they still have a copy.

As always, you can download e-versions of all our issues, but if print's what you're after, grab them while you can!

Who writes the stories?

Apart from a couple introductory welcome texts, the bulk of the print you find in Elska are personal stories written by the guys who we feature in each issue. They are encouraged to write about any topic whatsoever as long as it's true, helping you readers get to know them intimately as if you met them in real life. In keeping with our goal to keep their voices authentic, we have a very light editing touch, mainly just fixing spelling errors and structural problems. You can read this if you'd like more details about Elska's editing policy.

Some of the stories are in foreign languages! Are these translated somewhere?

We tell the boys to write in whatever language they feel most comfortable in, be it English, French, Icelandic, Russian, whatever! We always follow any non-English texts with an English translation. So if you see something you can't read, turn the page and you'll find the English version.

How do you choose the Elska Boys?

In the weeks before shooting, our team basically lives online, posting notices on various sites, trawling through the apps, and asking people to spread the word. There's no particular type of guy that we're looking for, except that they must live in the city we're featuring. Everyone is welcome.

Can I be an Elska Boy?

Sure, if we come to your city, you're welcome to take part. Please fill out this form to go on our list.

How do you decide which locations to feature for the Elska editions?

There's a lot of factors behind our choices. One is the cost - we'd love to do Buenos Aires or Melbourne, but flight costs can be high, so it's not always viable for a little indie publication like Elska. Another factor is an attempt to show diversity - for example, we might try to follow an edition shot in a grey post-communist East European city with one in a colourful, palm-treed Mediterranean city, and then with one shot in a crowded Asian metropolis. Also, if we get a lot of requests to come to a particular place, we consider it - this was the case for our Berlin, Istanbul, and Mumbai editions.

Where can I buy Elska?

Elska is sold in several cities around the world. Check the stockists page for the most updated list. If it's not available near you, then do order online - we promise to get it to you as soon as we can.

How long does shipping take?

Delivery time depends on where you live and what you order. Elska is shipped from the UK and is sent by standard Royal Mail first class. To most locations in Western Europe and North America, it will take a week or two; outside it may take longer. Customers in Brazil, South Africa, and Israel report delivery times of 4-5 weeks.

If you have been waiting at least one month for your delivery, please contact us.

What is Elska Ekstra and why don't you spell it 'extra'?

Elska Ekstra is our companion zine, featuring outtakes, behind the scenes images, extra stories and extra boys from the making of our flagship Elska Magazine issues. They can be bought individually or are included free with a Deluxe Annual Subscription. As for the spelling, there's no reason - we just think it looks cool.

How can we support you?

Elska is an independent artist-led publication so your support is necessary to keep it going. You can help by buying our editions, art prints, and other stuff. And you can also support us on Patreon at www.patreon.com/elskamagazine.

What does 'elska' mean? Does it stand for something?

'Elska' is not an acronym. It means 'love' in Icelandic in the verb form, as in 'I love Berlin' ['ég elska Berlin']. 

What are the Elska Collectors' Postcards?

Elska Collectors' Postcards are collectible postcard-sized prints, each containing an image of an Elska boy. One card is randomly inserted in every edition of Elska. You can also buy limited edition sets containing all our cards. 

What is the Elska Mixtape shown on the last page of every edition?

Music has always been really important to fueling the creative process. It helps keep motivated, elevates the mood, and helps to energise. For every Elska city, we create a mixtape which we listen to over and over when commuting between shoots and while editing the images and laying out the publications. Near the last page of each Elska issue, there is a Spotify QR code so you can ilsten to the mixtape along with us. 

Who are all these random dudes and why should I care about them?

If you're wondering this then probably Elska isn't the right publication for you. We understand that most magazines are full of models, celebrities, and sensational stories; but we actually find it more compelling to focus on everyday men. Regular people aren't boring, and personally we think meeting people is more exciting than fantasising about film stars and social media types.