You Don't Know Jolibee?... with Dylan R from Elska Los Angeles

The way Elska shoots work is that they're very much unplanned. We really just take a walk, have a chat, and shoot as we go, trying to document our moments and capture the genuine mood between us. Naturally, there's a bit of small talk in the beginning like, "Where were you born?", "What do you do?", "What music are you into lately?" etc. It was in this early part of the shoot that Dylan mentioned he was half-Filipino. So, bringing in my very little bit of cultural knowledge, I asked if he liked Jollibee, but he reacted with a blank stare.

"You don't know Jollibee?!" 

Maybe it's ridiculous, but Jollibee is honestly the first thing that came to mind when I tried to think of Filipino culture. It's a fast food chain, with branches around the world, including in LA. It's a place where they seem to think that spaghetti bolognese is a good accompaniment to fried chicken. I've never tried it, but ever since seeing Jiggly Caliente post pics of her with it on her Insta, I've been curious. He had no clue though. Perhaps you're thinking that with a body like that he probably doesn't eat that much fried chicken, but he actually had already brought up friend chicken, telling me that he's addicted to the fried chicken sandwich at Sweetgreen. He also admitted to often going to Chick-fil-A despite knowing full well that gays shouldn't really chow down there.

Maybe I should have offered to take him to Jollibee, so we could both break our Filipino fast food cherries, but alas, I had another shoot to do. And Dylan had to drive up to San Luis Obispo to visit his boyfriend. Maybe another time. Maybe actually in the Philippines. I'm not saying anything for sure, but we might be going there.

By the way, this pic was taken in my room at the Ramada Plaza WeHo. They graciously sponsored our trip to Los Angeles, and we are eternally grateful for their hospitality, and for giving us a room with such glorious afternoon light. 

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