An Elskan's Determination... with Matthew G from Elska Los Angeles

elska p4tb LAX MatthewG-26.jpg

It's pretty often that the guys shot for Elska start out very nervous, very shy, and rather stiff. But no one ever (apart from maybe one guy in Taipei) was as scared as Matthew G. But despite his nerves, he had determination.

Matthew, originally from West Virginia, and still charmingly with a good deal of southernness in his accent, was in the midst of a long coming out process. Moving to LA helped, as did an eye-opening holiday in Bali that he mentioned, but there was still lots to learn and lots to do. The sexual part of his coming out is the subject of his story in Elska Los Angeles, and the social part of it is the motivation for taking part in Elska at all.

Matthew is actually an Elska subscriber, and as soon as he saw our announcement that we were coming to LA to make an issue, he got in touch. He felt like it could be a good step in his journey to self-acceptance and public participation. We of course were happy to help. And even if at the start the nerves were insane, he did loosen up, especially when the clothes came off (which is often the case).

It was in the end a great shoot, and if you're reading this, Matthew, I want you to know that including you wasn't done as some sort of favour to you. We're genuinely glad to have had you, and to share your story and your body with the world. Thanks, mate!

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