Welcome Back to Lviv!

Elska Lviv product-1.jpg

Recently we ran a poll to let you vote for which out-of-print Elska issue to bring back to life. The winner was Elska Lviv (Ukraine). So we spruced it up a bit, sent it to the printers, and today it is officially relaunched.

Winning 35% of the votes out of a choice of six Elska city-zines, Lviv won handsomely. We're not sure why there's so much love for it, whether it's nostalgia (perhaps people feel that the very first Elska is essential for their collections) or whether it's about intrigue (Lviv is maybe our least known city ever featured), but in any case we're happy to give the people what they want. 

Elska Lviv is 140 pages and contains photospreads of 13 local guys, shot in this beautiful old European city and also at home. Some got naked, and some even wrote a story to accompany their chapters (this is notably the only Elska not to have stories from everyone). As our very first issue, made when Elska was just a budding idea, it is admittedly a bit rough around the edges, but so is the city of Lviv. And also like that city, we think it's rather charming all the same.

Order your copy now: bit.ly/elskalviv