Using Elska to Come Out... with Jason K from Elska Ekstra Perth

Promo_ElskaPerth_Jason K-1.jpg

One of the guys shot in Perth seemed really nervous when we met. Now it's quite normal for guys to have some nerves, but this guy was really scared, and the deer-in-the-headlights look just wasn't going to work. So I paused the start of the shoot and decided to ask what was up.

This was Jason K, and he told me that he wasn't out, crucially not to his parents. Immediately, even though it was pretty inconvenient, I said it was OK if he wanted to just cancel the shoot. But he wanted to carry on, both because it was an experience he wanted to try and because he felt that maybe it was time to finally fully come out. And if Elska could help make it happen, then so be it. "Just no full frontal images please", he told me, "that would really shock them to death!"

I was uncomfortable with the idea of having the responsibility of his coming out. That's why I decided to not publish him in the print mag. I would spare him from the extra impact that the print format has and let him come out on his own terms. Over time, however, I decided that any exposure he'd get wasn't really on our shoulders. After all, it was him who decided to do a photoshoot and share his story. We only facilitated it. So with that said, Elska supports his decision, and we wish him all the best.