Ég hata Mark Zuckerberg... with Ivan T from Elska Lviv


We play by the rules set by Instagram and Facebook, even if they don't fully allow us the artistic freedom that we'd like, because for the sake of our business we have to use Insta and FB. Yet too often someone will report us for violating community guidelines. Maybe they really hate Elska, maybe they're jealous, or maybe they're just losers with nothing better to do. The real problem is that Mark Zuckerberg's organisation never looks at the creators' side of the story. We can't appeal, we can't argue, and the penalties for violations can be severe. 

For the pic we posted yesterday that was just banned, shown below, we clearly didn't violate the guidelines which specify that you can't show "genitals" or "close ups of buttocks". What you see is absolutely not a close-up. It's frustrating and it's petty.

I ask anyone who has an issue with Elska to please get in touch personally and discuss it. At the end of the day, this is a small operation and it means a lot to me. I can suffer greatly by Instagram bans, so please have some compassion and courage and deal with us directly. Contact link on the home page.