Elska Los Angeles Shoot Week Update no.2


It's Day 5 of Elska Los Angeles Shoot Week, and we're already up to thirteen guys, meaning Elska LA is bound to be another packed issue. As usual for this point during a shoot week, themes are starting to emerge. So far it's palm trees and petrol stations. There might be a few billboards in there too, but nothing too cliché - no Hollywood Sign, no Walk of Fame, no Santa Monica Pier (even though I always really liked that place), and no photobombing Mario Lopez at The Grove (do they still even make that show?). 

As for the guys themselves, well, they're a pretty bold bunch. Definitely the opposite of shy. But that can be a problem. Whereas in most Elska cities, a lot of energy and trickery are used to coax the guys out of their shells, here it's often a case of trying to pull them back. It's like it's in their blood here to know how to pose and how to look good, but sometimes that level of self-awareness can come across as fake. So new skills are being learned to break down walls. And if it doesn't always work, well then that's just a part of what LA people can be like. So even if some images look a bit fake, well at least it's true to what LA is - a very real place that's dominated by an industry that praises fakeness. It can be inescapable.

Now regarding the pic here, it's one of the guys from our upcoming LA issue. It was taken at Elska's home for the week, the Ramada Weho hotel, located in the heart of West Hollywood, one of the world's most historic gay communities. So when this guy said he wasn't able to shoot at his place, we decided to invite him over and show off the hotel room and the neighbourhood.

Now back to work. Next stop Little Armenia, then Boyle Heights, then back to the hotel and maybe time for a drink at one of the bars on Santa Monica Blvd? We'll see.