Los Rombos... with Juan C from Elska Bogotá


It's nice to keep up with the Elska boys even well after their Elska issues first come out. Like Juan C from our Elska Bogotá issue. If you paid close attention while reading that issue, you'd have noticed a couple of clues about him. First there were the nude shots taken at his home, where you can see microphones, keyboards, and other music equipment in the background. Then, on the Elska Bogotá mixtape, there's a song by Juan Conde, "Orquidéas". The 'C' in 'Juan C' stands for 'Conde'. It's him, it's his voice, his song, that closes the Elska Bogotá issue.

We've stayed in touch since shooting, and he recently shared a new project with me, a group called Los Rombos. They're pictured above - Juan's the one on the right of course. Now I hope you Elskans know that I wouldn't bullshit you, so when I tell you I'm in love with the new Los Rombos EP, I'm being completely honest. I hope they make it huge and that one day I can see them perform live in some dimly lit club somewhere. 

Oh, and if you're wondering, doing the photoshoot above was rather smelly. As Juan told me, "we were literally in the shit!" And I also totally want to steal the idea, but I might save it for an Elska in Argentina, or Wisconsin, or maybe Hokkaido. Hmm, where else is associated with cows?