I didn't think he'd do it... with Henry W from Elska Perth


An alternate version of this photo with Henry W perched on a trashed sofa was one of the options for the Elska Perth cover. Ultimately it was problematic though, for two reasons. First, even considering Aussies' famous sense of humour, a focus on rubbish doesn't leave the best impression of Perth, nor is it very accurate - I only saw maybe fifty such sights in my ten days in Perth! And second, by the time we had to decide on a final cover, Henry still hadn't sent in a story. I couldn't put a guy on the cover who didn't even write a story!

Frankly, I didn't think he'd do ever do a story. We met very last minute, without enough time for him to really look into what Elska was. I explained that I needed a story in order to shoot, and he agreed, he promised, but I wasn't hopeful. 

To be honest, I wouldn't normally shoot a guy at all if I had the inkling that a story might not come. But I shot Henry anyway because, well, the Perth roster was very, very white. Walking around the city though, you see that the population isn't all white, so the corresponding Elska should reflect that. For some reason it was just that the guys coming forward to take part in our Perth project were homogenous, so I had to interfere. I had to try.

In the end, the story came just two days before the final was sent to the printers, and only after I told him that if he didn't send a story, I would instead write my own story ABOUT HIM. I guess he was afraid I'd badmouth him in this story, which put the fire under his feet, and a story came a few hours later. A really good story too, one worthy of a cover boy.

See the final product, story and pics, in Elska Perth: bit.ly/elskaperth