Elska Los Angeles Shoot Week Update no.3


Elska Los Angeles Shoot Week has come to an end, and I'm sitting here in the backyard with the last guy photographed here, a guy known as Tammie Brown. He's been looking at my Elskas and I've been looking at his Ragqueenz, which he adds, are made from his old panty hose! I never like to share many previews of the Elska subjects before the issues come out, which is why I told him to turn around. "Yes sir" was the reply. She's so polite, she was raised right!

It's certainly been a busy shoot week, with a total of 21 sessions, followed by a fun but grueling weekend selling our wares at LA Drag Con. And the next couple weeks will be unbelievably busy too, with all those pics to edit, stories to proof, and a nice big Elska and Elska Ekstra to lay out. It's not un-fun work though, and I really look forward to getting stuck into the LA content. It's a city I've had a lot of love for since I was a five year old kid watching repeats of "Three's Company" and wanting to be the Jack to his Janet and Chrissy (or Terri or Cindy).

By the way, I already have in mind three cover options - one including a petrol station in the background, one with palm trees all around, and one with 'se habla español' painted on a backdrop wall. When these, plus any other cover mock-ups, are finalised, those of you in the 'elskanati' (our inner circle) will be invited to vote for your favourite. If you're not already aware, the 'elskanati' consists of a few select friends as well as all Deluxe-level Elska subscribers and all Patreon members pledging at $25 or more. If you're not part of it, get into it, and put some butter on it!