Elska welcomes you to Perth, Australia

Today we launch the latest issue of Elska Magazine, made in Perth, Australia. It's our seventeenth cityzine, and it's our first to be made Down Under. It's also our biggest, comprising 176 pages and 17 local men, all shot in the city and in their homes, and each accompanied by a personal story. 

Reading Elska is an intimate experience. It's meant to feel like you've been transported to the city, met some local guys, and got to know them a bit. It's also about gleaning some insight from the local culture, both in the gay/queer community and more broadly, revealing how lives can be different depending on the society, but also how they share similarities with our own. Perhaps that's why we've been charmingly referred to as a "sexy anthropology journal". But it's really not that serious - all we do is go to a city, meet a bunch of guys, and then introduce them to you. No celebrity gossip, no fashion tips, no sanctimony. 

Elska Perth is available now in a classic print version or in a download version. Also available is our companion e-zine, Elska Ekstra Perth, containing behind the scenes content and stories and pics from seven guys not featured in the main mag. Head to our shop now to order: bit.ly/elskashop