Especially keen... with Jono B from Elska Cape Town

The first day of Elska Cape Town Shoot Week was meant to be quiet. Getting to South Africa involved two eleven hour flights with a very long layover in Istanbul sandwiched between. I'd arrive in the evening and then wanted the next day to be easy-breezy so I could cope with the jetlag and just relax a little. So Day One of Shoot Week had only one session booked - with Phijo S - and it was booked for midday so I'd be able to have a long rest in the morning. 

But during the shoot with Phijo, as he got to know me and the Elska project a bit better, he decided that it was something he really wanted to spread the word about. As soon as I left Phijo I started getting messages from his friends asking to take part. Unfortunately most of my week was full with other bookings, but I did have that afternoon to offer. One guy, Jono, was especially keen, and he offered to leave work early so we'd be able to meet for the last hour of sunlight.

I love when Elska guys come to the project like that - willing to do anything, to shoot anywhere, to dress in anything, whatever. That was Jono, totally up for it,. The only problem was that I wish we'd got in contact earlier. Then I'd have been able to offer him a longer session, with the possibility to do more shots in more locations, and the time to plan a few more looks. But hey, I'm just glad we got to have Jono at all, and I love what we managed to do together.