Elska x The Goody House B&B

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy a big hotel, where you know what you’re going to get, but sometimes I yearn for more of a personal touch. It’s nice to feel cosy, well looked after, and to feel like a proper guest. I felt instantly at home when I arrived at The Goody House B&B.

When I rang the doorbell, host Pär-Johan opened the door holding a card with a picture showing a pear, the letter ‘U’, and the numeral ‘1’, indicating how to pronounce his name. This then morphed into a little linguistic dance with me speaking a bit of Icelandic and him responding in Swedish, which soon turned into a proper Swedish lesson. A language lecture is, by the way, probably the most fun I can have. But if it’s not what you’re into, Pär-Johan seems well-versed in any subject. And if you’d rather just relax, then he, like all good Swedes, is expert at comfortable silences, able to make anyone feel at ease.

I quickly unpacked, transferred the photos from the previous shoot (with Henry W) and then gulped a glass of water while Pär-Johan tried to convince me that taking a little break wouldn’t kill me. I argued that it actually might just do that, but the swimming pool ultimately looked too enticing to refuse. So we both stripped off and dove in, where Pär-Johan gave me another Swedish lesson: “Jag simmar, du simmar, vi simmar,” [“I swim, you swim, we swim,”] and I returned it in Icelandic: “ég syndi, þú syndir, við syndum.” 

Before I knew it, two hours had gone by and I had to rush to dry off and get to the next shoot (with Dan G). Before I left, I asked if Pär-Johan wanted to take part in Elska. He readily agreed, and then diligently wrote his story while I was off shooting Dan. The next morning, after a lovely breakfast including eggs, yogurt, cereal, and toast with ‘bush marmalade’ made from local native fruits, we headed out to the River Canning, a tributary of the River Swan, to shoot Pär-Johan while black swans, the state emblem of Western Australia, floated around us. By now it was getting hot, so soon we were back at his pool to cool off. This was the last shoot in Perth, and in that pool I felt like I was on holiday. If only I didn’t have a flight in the morning, but hopefully one day I’ll be back.