Just arrived in Australia...

elska x aloft perth-1.jpg

Just arrived in Australia, the longest journey ever, so feeling more than ready to crash onto this bed (which belongs to the fabulous Aloft Perth by the way, Elska's home for Perth shoot week). 

First on the agenda was to unpack, then shower, then take a few snaps, then reconfirm schedules for tomorrow's shoots, and then to post a pic from the hotel on Instagram. 

Skip to one minute later and the DMs start rolling in, one from a guy saying he's a huge Elska fan, his message accompanied by four fully naked pics. He then adds, "I know my dick is weird but I like it." It was perfectly nice by the way, not weird at all! "But technically our Perth shoot schedule is full", I told him, "but I'll let you know if there's a cancellation." 

Anyway, if you're interested in taking part in Elska if we come to your city, fill in the form at elskamagazine.com/beinelska