On that whirlwind of a day in Harlem... with Ian S

elska Ian S-1.jpg

About eight months ago my husband had an interview in New York and I decided to tag along for the day. I drove, and since I knew it was free and easy to park in Harlem, we put the car there and then he took the subway downtown and I planted myself in a coffee shop on 145th Street. I brought my laptop to do editing work, and I also brought my camera, just in case.

I was in the mood to shoot, so I turned the apps on. I messaged basically every guy on the screen, introduced myself, and said that if they were up for it, we could shoot today. I ended up shooting six guys that whirlwind of a day in Harlem, all located within a ten minute walk of my location. also asked each of the guys to tell a story, which I recorded on my phone, 'cos it wouldn't be very Elska without a story to go with the pics. One of those men I met was Ian S

The thing is, I kind of got distracted afterwards (I was putting finishing touches on Elska Brussels) and sort of forgot about all the pics I took. Crazy, right? Anyway, yesterday Ian messaged me on Insta saying, "Hey, didn't we do a shoot last year?"

"Sorry, Ian, I somehow totally forgot." So here's one of those pics. I'll put the rest along with Ian's story in the next issue of Elska Ekstra, out in early May. I promise I won't forget this time!