Perth Shoot Week Update no.3

elska x the goody house perth-1.jpg

The second part of Elska Perth Shoot week is based at The Goody House, a B&B run by a gay Swedish-Aussie couple. In the middle of what's been one of the most packed schedules of any shoot week, the warm and intimate welcome received here was so needed. After host Pär-Johan showed me my room, we started an impromptu Swedish lesson (this is the epitome of fun to me), where apparently my pronunciation was really good, though I kept doing the vowels Icelandic style. Then he sort of 'strongly encouraged' me to put the camera and computer down for a bit and get into the pool. But I do have some preliminary image edits I could be doing.

Yesterday was ridiculously hot. Shooting Nathan T even as the sun was getting towards its descent was super uncomfortable, sweat dripping down our faces, with one of his t-shirts to wipe his brow and the strap of my camera to wipe mine. And before that it was even hotter while shooting Aaron A. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to climb up four sets of stairs to get "a nice view", but once at the top we were both feeling kinda gross. 36 degrees is a lot when I'm the kind of guy who thinks 21 is hot!

So yes, I think I won't kill me to get into that pool. Maybe I'll even lock the camera and computer away for a day or two. Getting the final Elska Perth product to you by the first week of May is a little ambitious, but a couple days off won't hurt.