Perth Shoot Week Update no.2

It's now day five of Elska Perth shoot week and I've just finished shooting the sixteenth guy. Yes, it sounds like a lot, especially when there's still more left, but every moment in a city is a chance to meet a local guy and shoot him. Plus there's other more sensitive reasons why more are being shot than usual, but I'm not sure I want to get into that. But as much as I'd love a side trip to Rottnest Island to meet the quokkas, I'm really just a boring workaholic. 

Anyway, this morning started with a shoot at King's Park. A bunch of guys suggested shooting here but I resisted because a park can look like any city. But there are however a couple things that make this park Perthy looking. First is the skyline view (which is perhaps a bit like a postcard cliché) and the other is the extensive planting of indigenous flora. So I decided to go along anyway, and it was a lovely place. 

After that I went to a funny sounding suburb called Innaloo and then nearby to for the next shoot. This setting most closely matched the image I had in my head of Perth before I came - single family homes, slightly scrubby lawns, wide roads, and lots of roundabouts. The guy I shot there was awfully shy though, and although I tried my best to make him laugh, I won't know until I see the images if they were a success. I really hope so though - a guy wearing a vest / tank / singlet on a dry suburban street sounds like a perfectly Perthy pic and a potential cover to me. The photos are uploading now, so soon I'll know.  

Two more days to go, and then two months until you meet the men of Perth.