Cover Pressure... with Duv V from Elska Bogotá


Usually when I make an Elska edition, I try to shoot a potential cover image with each guy and then choose the final cover from them later. The main criteria for a cover is really not so much about the guy but about the setting - it needs to be an outdoor pic and one that is evocative of the destination. But for Elska Bogotá, rather than shoot many covers, I knew Duv V would be my cover guy as soon as we met.

I truly fell in love with the neighbourhood where we met for our shoot, La Candelaria. This is the old colonial heart of the city, full of gorgeous old colourful buildings, narrow cobbled streets, and mountains surrounding it. Then Duv himself arrived super colourful. I knew we needed to make a cover together.

The problem was that the pressure was getting to me. I was trying too hard, and I was getting frustrated, particularly due to all the people around. Like in the image here, it could not be a cover because of the two little girls in the background. Then there'd be another picture with some old boy in the way. The thing is, if there's crowds of people, it's OK - they sort of blur into the background; but if it's just a few in the frame, you notice them, and the focus is distracted away from the subject. 

Luckily we eventually found our way onto a beautiful quiet street. The reason we discovered it was actually so Duv could find a more private place to change his trousers. But as soon as we arrived, I knew it would be the place. So I asked Duv to keep his jeans on for minute longer, and I made the cover!

By the way, there was an image of Germán R-A that was a strong contender for the cover. You can see that image on the back cover of the mag.