En Route... with Matthew W


It had been ages since I'd seen my friend Veronika, a former colleague from my flight attendant days. While I'd gotten out of it (and started Elska) and moved to Providence, she was still in London and flying. Then she got in touch to tell me she just got put on a flight to Philadelphia and wondered if it was close enough to me that we could meet. I wasn't doing much that weekend so I decided I'd drive down and meet her.

It would be a six hour drive to Philadelphia - not too bad I suppose - but definitely worth a break in the middle. When I saw on the map that NYC was the halfway point, I decided to see if I could find a guy there to shoot. Somehow I stumbled across Matthew W on IG and asked if he was up for it. And he was. 

So I got up at like six in the morning and made my way to Brooklyn. I got to Matte's place right on time (though I hoped I'd have been early so I'd have been able to get a coffee 'cos I was knackered). He was tired too. I think he said something about being out all night with some guy and barely got home himself. Anyway we had a little chat, took some pics, and then it was time to go so I could meet Veronika's flight. Last I heard, Matte was going to move to Japan. Maybe I'll see him there sometime.