The Only Bogotano with No Story... with Felipe C from Elska Ekstra Bogotá


Usually with every Elska edition, there's a few guys who never send their story. It's an essential part of the deal, and although I try to get stories before shooting (and cancel shoots if I don't get them) sometimes one's excuses or pleas sway me. Fortunately in the Bogotá series, only one Bogotano didn't send a story, and that was Felipe C.

A few days before our shoot, I reminded him about the story. He said he was busy at university and had exams coming up that he wanted to focus on. Still he promised to send it. Then the day of the shoot came and even though there was no story yet, I decided to go anyway. We did our pics and I gave him a further two weeks hard deadline, practically on my knees begging him.

I was glad I did the shoot at the time. I got to see a very real sort of neighbourhood, an area called Tibana where tourists would never go. It was mostly residential, with a tidy high street with shops for locals and a small park. At the time I arrived the streets were quiet except for little compact crowds of people dotted along each bus stop, heading to work. His house was also very interesting, a tall but narrow building where each of the four floors housed different members of the same family. Felipe and his dog were up at the top, with access to the roof which we used for our nude shoots.

On leaving I had the feeling that I might not ever get a story. It's a lesson I've learned time and time before with Elska. So in the end he wasn't published in the Elska Bogotá edition, though his images are in Elska Ekstra Bogotá, our companion e-zine. It's a shame we couldn't get to know him a bit better, but at least you can see him there.