Elska welcomes you to Bogotá

Cover - Elska Bogota.jpg


Today is the release of our latest Elska edition, set in Bogotá, Colombia. It’s our fifteenth publication in our fifteenth city, but our first to be shot in Latin America, or in the entire southern hemisphere at all.

Inside Elska Bogotá you’ll meet 17 guys, shot throughout this gorgeous city and in their homes, dressed in their own style or nude. In fact, it’s our most naked issue ever, which was not by design — it just seems that Colombians like taking their clothes off! They also seem to like a bit of drama, which is why their stories are some of the most romantic and poetic we’ve ever published.

Also available is our companion e-zine, Elska Ekstra Bogotá, where you’ll find behind the scenes tales, extra pics of 3 guys from the main Elska Bogotá mag, plus 6 additional guys and stories not published elsewhere.

Please visit our shop to order: bit.ly/elskashop