The Belgian Connection... with Alejandro R from Elska Bogotá


Elska Bogotá was one of the first cities where a large percentage of the guys featured came directly to us, either by responding to our calls on social media, or by being recommended by friends to take part. Alejandro R came to our attention via a couple we shot several months prior for our Elska Brussels edition.

Pieterjan, and his partner Nikolas, were a real highlight of the Brussels series. I enjoyed my time with them and wished I'd had more time to spend chatting with them. I really liked Alejandro too, and fortunately for me, weather gave us more time to be social. Right in the middle of our shoot, a big rainstorm hit, so we opted for a lunch break at the Crêpes y Waffles in El Retiro, and there we let the memories of those Belgian boys come flooding back.  

It turned out that we both met the Belgian couple via Couchsurfing. For me, I reached out on that site for a shoot, whereas Alejandro actually wanted a couch. He stayed with them for a while, a friendship was built (I like to pretend that it was a sort of  'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' situation!), and I ended up meeting a great guy who I can't imagine Elska Bogotá without. 

Pieterjan and Nikolas, if you're reading this, keeping sending your surfers and friends our way. You've got a great taste in mates!