Disorientation... with Rik Besselink for Elska Haifa


In most Elska editions, we feature one or two editorials submitted by other photographers from other cities. We call these features 'Elska Dehors' because they are 'outside' (that's what 'dehors' means in French) of the main city of the edition's focus. For Elska Haifa, we had so much material from the Haifa guys that I was determined not to include anything for 'Elska Dehors', but when Rik Besselink contacted us and sent over his submission, I couldn't resist squeezing it in. 

Rik is, like I used to be, a flight attendant with a background in photography. Travelling around the world, no matter how tired we were when arriving at our hotels, we'd get our cameras out. I'd go online to find local guys to shoot in my hotel room, while Rik was doing self-portraits there. Or at least that's what he was doing for this project.

When you're cabin crew, certain emotions are common, which is apparent in these images, including loneliness, bewilderment, exhaustion, and longing. His work really takes me back to a difficult time in my life, but one which led to me leaving to start Elska. It is in times of complete disorientation that you have the most determination to find meaning, to find yourself, and to find a path for the future.

See more from Rik at www.rikbesselink.com or pick up the Elska Haifa edition for the full editorial and his story.