Firestarter... with Kostya M from Elska Ekstra Haifa


We were taking a walk just outside Carmel Centre, shooting as we explored, when I came across a sign warning of the danger of forest fires, instructing not to light cigarettes in the area, or to do anything that could ignite a fire. I instantly thought Kostya should do a pic next to that sign, seeing as he was such a hot little firestarter, like he could ignite the mountainside just by walking past it. It would be a sort of tongue-in-cheek image, perhaps for Elska Ekstra because in the main mag some people might take it too seriously. 

It reminded me that usually there are some silly moments caught on camera during the making of each Elska...

Like when we featured Harvey S from Elska Toronto wearing a Justin Trudeau t-shirt with his dick out. (Perhaps I should clarify that it wasn't the Prime Minister who had his dick out, but Harvey rather.) Or like when Davið J from Elska Reykjavík put on his bunny ears (he was doing this way before Louise Belcher ever existed). Or like when Rehaan D from Elska Mumbai thought it would be fun to put on his grandmother's saree. Or like when Mario A from Elska Bogotá wore a cat mask (you'll see that one next month). Elska's not so serious, you know!