elska x the colony hotel


This was the view I’d been waiting for. Set on the grand Ben-Gurion Boulevard, between the sea and the beautiful, iconic Baha’i Gardens, the Colony Hotel is the place to be. When I set the GPS on my car as I left Tel Aviv airport to start my Haifa adventure, I had no idea that I would be led to this most spectacular of settings. It was the most pleasant surprise I could ask for. And I was so grateful that The Colony had offered to host us for part of our stay in Haifa.

In the morning I couldn’t wait to ascend to the top, where I’d shoot Semion K, pausing to look down the slope and pinch myself for being lucky enough to actually stay here. The Colony fits its position in the German Colony, one of Haifa’s most charming districts, perfectly. Inside it suits its location by maintaining a charming historic feel, seemingly unchanged in the last hundred years, apart from the addition of air-conditioning and other mod cons! The furniture is antique yet comfortable, the decor authentic yet irreverent, the rooms ornate but not frivolous. It’s a bit like visiting a historic home museum, but without being told not to touch things!

I should also say that there’s quite a bit of caché to staying here too. All the guys I met knew the hotel and seemed impressed that I was staying here. A couple even came by to visit me – Dia H and Yuval Z – though probably they were more interested in seeing inside the hotel than seeing me! It’s totally understandable though; I’d probably feel the same.




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