Diversity in Israel... with Jorge H from Elska Haifa


As I mentioned in the 'Editor's Welcome' in our main Elska Haifa edition, part of the reason I chose Haifa over say Tel Aviv or Jerusalem was because it was said to be a more normal and diverse city by Israeli standards. Aside from the majority Jewish population, Haifa has large communities of Arabs and people from former Soviet republics. When I was there I also recall seeing small communities of Ethiopians and Armenians, but although I spoke to a few from these groups, none of them were interested in being part of Elska. Well there was one Ethiopian guy but he was a little bit too flirty for me to handle... got to stay professional, right?!

Anyway, during Elska Haifa Shoot Week we ended up meeting lots of Jews, Arabs, and 'post-Soviets'. But aside from them there was one other not from these groups... It was Jorge, originally from South America and with a mix of Latin and Dutch heritage. He ended up being the person who helped spread the word about Elska more than anyone else, opening the door to a good number of the men on these pages. And when some of these men were a bit behind on submitting stories or just generally procrastinating, it was Jorge who pushed them.

Perhaps it was because he was a bit of an outsider, able to remain neutral when befriending people from other backgrounds, that meant he had such a large contact list. Or maybe that's just part of who he is, a sociable and loyal person who makes friends and holds onto them. In any case, Elska Haifa owes a lot to Jorge. Thank you!