Working Me So Hard... with Amir S from Elska Haifa


Israel took the prize for the place that worked me the hardest. Indeed the Haifa boys were working me so hard that I couldn't wait to go home, no matter how much the gorgeousness of Haifa's mountains, sun, and sea should have convinced me to stay. I just needed to collapse onto my own bed with my camera and computer as far away as possible.

Previously I would have said that Reykjavík was the toughest, and actually they were quite similar. In both cities we shot 22 people and in just one week... but in Reykjavík I had an assistant to help out (thanks Andriy), and in Reykjavík the workload was disproportionately at the beginning of the trip (we shot six guys on the first day), meaning that we still managed a day off to see the geysers and go swimming. 

In Israel I was really looking forward to a day off, and originally had planned two. I was hoping to go to Jerusalem and to see Yad Vashem; and was also hoping to go up to the Golan Heights. But it just wasn't to be. There was no time off and in fact I even did a shoot on the morning of the flight home - that was Amir S. 

The reasons why so many people were shot is mentioned in our Elska Haifa edition, and in greater detail in our Elska Ekstra Haifa zine, if you're curious. I suppose the bright side is that if I didn't shoot so many, I'd not have met guys like Amir. And also, it perhaps gives me a reason to return to Israel, perhaps for an Elska Tel Aviv, or perhaps for a holiday!

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