elska x bat galim boutique hotel


One of my favourite neighbourhoods of Haifa was Bat Galim, home of the Bat Galim Boutique Hotel which sponsored us for part of stay in Haifa. It was on the shores just down the road from there where I shot Boris L from Elska Haifa, shown above. Still close to the city, there is a peace, a certain disconnectedness, that is utterly seductive.

This part of Haifa feels more than any other like stepping back in time. While other neighbourhoods show signs of modernisation, with shopping malls and chain stores (which in fairness aren’t really that prevalent anywhere in Haifa), Bat Galim is especially authentic.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, this area was populated by the British during their Mandate. On the Mediterranean beachfront here they had a ‘casino’, which wasn’t for gambling but rather a place to drink, dance, play billiards, and socialise. Just a minute’s walk from there along Bat Galim Promenade they had their café. This café has been converted into the Bat Galim Boutique Hotel. It is the place to stay here, the only place really.

Rooms are modern and individually designed with an emphasis on comfort. However most of what you’ll relish about this place is the hospitality, from the homemade breakfasts through to staff who really care about you and have the local knowledge to help make the most out of your visit to this very special part of this very special city.




+972 4 603 7800